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Fluency Gym Coach From: Robby Kukurs,
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My Fellow Foreigner!

If you’ve had enough of constantly finding yourself in situations when you get really, really afraid of speaking in front of other people in English – you’ve come to the right place!

You see – just like YOU I’m a non-native English speaker and for years I was struggling with the same confidence issues:

 Being ashamed of my English

 Not being able to speak in English in front of others

 Freezing in fear when faced by a native English speaker!

The funniest thing of all, however, was that I could speak in English just fine when I tried to say something when I was alone – so most of these English confidence issues manifested themselves only when speaking with other people.

So here's the million dollar question:

Why Is It So Darn Difficult to Speak With Other People in English?

In the traditional English learning setting you're sitting behind your desk learning new English vocabulary and filling in gaps in your English workbook, but when it comes to speaking with other people - you immediately start feeling the effect of interpersonal communication and how much different it is from studying the English language in the comfort of your own home.

Your blood pressure increases.

Adrenaline starts pumping through your veins.

You start sweating.

In other words - you're being totally STRESSED OUT - and that's why it's so difficult for you to speak with others!

Yes, it's the stress that gets the better of you, and here are the most common reasons as to why you're stressing out when speaking with other people in English:

 You compare yourself to them and realize their English is better than yours

 You don't want to make a fool of yourself when making mistakes

 You can't speak as fast as your conversation partner

 Your English pronunciation sucks and you feel like an idiot

 You can't say in English what you'd say in your native language

 You start stuttering and hesitating the moment you open your mouth!

So the sad reality of life is that speaking in English is uncomfortable – what if you’re asked something you don’t know?

Speaking in English is scary – what if you can’t think of the right thing to say and you make a complete fool out of yourself?

Speaking in English is UNPREDICTABLE – unlike writing when you can create perfect sentences, choose the right words, arrange them according to grammar rules and edit the written piece in the very end.

Unpredictable, uncomfortable, scary – all these are typical characteristics of ANY NEW physical activity you can get involved into, but the beauty of it all is that once you start DOING it and acquire the necessary skills, everything changes!

If You Exercise Your Mouth You Can Deal With All English Confidence Issues!

The more you SPEAK in English, the more comfortable you get. There are a lot of things you can learn to say in English that will take care of situations when you don’t know anything about the question you’ve been asked!

The more you SPEAK in English, the less scary it gets. At the end of the day, it’s all down to getting used to it, and once you’ve become quite a decent English speaker, it’s going to be quite difficult for anyone to make you feel bad about your English because you’ll know how to react and what to say!

The more you SPEAK in English, the more predictable it gets – there are only so many most commonly used phrases and expressions one can use in daily situations. When you’ve made those phrases your second nature, you’ll find that on 80% of occasions you’re saying pretty much the same things on a regular basis, and that’s when you’ll realize that speaking in English is just as technical as any other physical skill – such as working out in a gym or taking part in a martial arts class!

And that’s when the gym concept steps in…

Spoken English is 100% Practical SKILL - Just Like Working Out in a Gym!

What other way to show you, my dear friends foreign English speakers, that you literally have to WORK OUT YOUR MOUTH?

There’s no other way to overcome your fear of speaking in English other than practicing your speech an awful lot!

Now, tell me honestly, would you expect to lose weight and get fit by merely observing other people pouring sweat and doing all the hard work by lifting weights, running on a treadmill, punching a bag and swimming in the pool? Of course not!

If I told you it’s possible to stay super-fit by joining a gym and doing nothing more than reading ABOUT fitness and LEARNING THEORETICAL knowledge, you’d laugh about me!

Then why don’t you laugh about the traditional English teaching industry where students spend 95% of their time engaged in all sorts of activities building their passive vocabulary, improving their ability to analyze the English language from the grammar perspective and improving their comprehension while at the same time COMPLETELY neglecting their ability to SPEAK?!

The Single Biggest Problem:
It’s SUPER-EASY to Fool Yourself That You’re Doing the Right Thing…

You see – by far the biggest problem involving your spoken English development is that it’s very easy to fall for the trap of old myths such as:

“I’ll watch a lot of movies and improve my English”
“I’ll read a lot of English fiction and improve my fluency”
“I’ll chat on Skype with a native English speaker and work on my English that way!”

None of the above mentioned will actually contribute into your ability to SPEAK FLUENTLY and confidently, my friend!

Watching movies will improve your comprehension. Reading will widen your passive vocabulary. And most Skype chats will only create an impression you’re working on your English while in reality the native speaker is going to do most of the talking anyway!

There’s a very good way of checking if your ability to speak is actually being trained when you engage in any English improving activities: ask yourself the simple question “Is my MOUTH moving 100% of the time?” Most academically related English learning activities will result in a definite “NO!” and that’s a clear indicator you’re NOT working on your fluency.

The very fact, however, that vocabulary drills, grammar studies, written assessments and comprehension tests form the core of school English learning curricula all over the world, result in a word-wide brainwashing of millions of foreign English speakers just like you or me!

We are literally FORCED into buying into the myth of English studies centered around writing and reading, and we don’t even question it!

As a result you're getting stressed out every time you open your mouth to speak with another English speaker, but because of the way the English language is traditionally taught, you don't even realize that there is a way of speaking fluent and confident English.

A Unique, Never-Seen-Before English Confidence Building Motivational Video Course That Will Get Rid of Your Fear of Speaking With Others…

… That YOU Can Use From the Comfort of Your Home To Start Speaking Confident English At All Times!

Fluency Gym Coach Program! 

You’re lucky to have discovered Fluency Gym Coach Program which is the ONLY English fluency coaching product in the market which is going to literally take you by the hand, help you understand all the concepts behind natural English fluency, and will also help you create a very effective custom plan for your spoken English workouts which will help you overcome fear of speaking with others and make you into a truly confident English speaker!


Fluency Gym Coach


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WHAT Fluency Gym Coach Program is About &
HOW It Works:

Fluency Gym Coach Program is a unique English fluency coaching and mentoring program consisting of 33 motivational videos – each of them 20 – 40 minutes long – so you’re getting more than 16 hours long video content where I’m going to:

 Draw countless parallels between the fitness industry and spoken English so that you can see that spoken English is a completely practical skill;

 Work on your confidence development so that you will overcome all sorts of confidence issues when speaking in English;

 Provide you with HUNDREDS of useful and practical English phrases you will use in your spoken English workouts;

Offer 30 specific goals you can work upon in order to achieve English fluency in areas of life that are relevant to YOU;

 Help you create a CUSTOM Action Plan and engage in spoken English workouts that are going to work on your ORAL English fluency! 


In the Fluency Gym Coach Program you’re also going to:

 Discover why repetition and memorization of new English phrases and vocabulary is just like lifting weights in a gym and why it’s the best way to achieve automated and natural English speech;

 Find out how to overcome the terrible ‘writing mode’ of your mind whereby you speak in English as if writing in a textbook which results in hesitant and unnatural speech;

 Relate specific body parts to different English small talk so that you can function properly in an English speaking society where small talk makes up MOST of our daily conversations;

 Learn to trust your natural instincts and improvise while speaking in English just like you’d do when dancing or fighting with a sparring partner in a martial arts class;

 Finally get rid of the old-school beliefs that English learning and improving has to involve textbooks and grammar!


Hi Robby,

I wanted first to improve my English fluency for career reasons and with your Fluency Gym program I was confident enough to succeed at a job interview the next month!

As a matter of fact it appears that learning English was also satisfying from a more personal point of view. I really like to speak to myself about anything and you are absolutely right telling to us to forget grammar!

Speaking has nothing to do with grammar, written exercises, translations!

Fluency Gym Review Stars

Benoit C., Paris, France

Biggest Benefits of the FGC Program:


 You’re going to identify the KEY areas of your life where you need to speak fluent English, and you’re going to achieve conversational fluency and confidence in those aspects of your professional, social and private life in a relatively short period of time!

 You’re going to achieve increased confidence levels when speaking in English and you’re not going to feel inferior to anyone who might speak faster than you or use more sophisticated vocabulary!

 You’re going to start to LOVE the concept of spoken English practice because I’ll make you realize that it’s the only way to achieve English fluency and ability to speak without stressing out!

 You’re going to stop being afraid of speaking in English with other people because the Fluency Gym Coach Program is going to show you exactly what's going on in your mind when these confidence issues happen and how to deal with them!


Fluency Gym Coach



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My Personal 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Fluency Gym CoachI Insist You To Test-Drive the Fluency Gym Coach Program for FULL 60 DAYS…

… if after 60 days of using this English fluency and confidence coaching program you still haven’t started speaking English the way you’ve always dreamed about - fluently - then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Fair Enough?

That means you can try out the ENTIRE Fluency Gym Coach Program completely at my risk, while you see that my English confidence improving videos work indeed… otherwise - which is extremely unlikely - you’ll simply get your money back!


To your English fluency & confidence success,

Robby Kukurs



Q: What is the Fluency Gym Coach Program about and who is it meant for?

A: FGC Program is a motivational English fluency and confidence coaching program consisting of 33 motivational and instructional videos as well as the Action Plan which is going to assist you with setting your English fluency improvement related goals. It’s meant for any foreign English speaker experiencing fear and lack of confidence when speaking with other English speakers, but unlike the English Harmony System where you’re required to repeat and memorize phrases and use them in dialogues, the FGC Program will help you work with yourself and improve your confidence by drawing hundreds of parallels between the fitness world and spoken English improvement.

Q: Why did you create the FGC Program if the EH System is so popular and does exactly what it says on the tin?

A: I created this product because I’d been receiving plenty of positive feedback from my YouTube subscribers. I have my followers burning my YouTube videos onto CDs as MP3 files and listening to them in their cars, so I thought – why not create a motivational video program where I’m going to address ALL fluency related issues and do it all using the gym environment as a metaphor? That’s how the idea of the FGC Program was conceived, and it’s been proven a hugely successful one because my customers really enjoy the parallels drawn between the fitness world and English fluency improvement; it’s made so much easier to understand why spoken English is a purely practical skill and why it’s very important to engage in regular spoken English practice.

Q: What is the main difference between the EH System and FGC Program?

A: EH System is going to teach you to speak automatically and without much planning - it's all based on unique speech exercising lessons. FGC Program, on the other hand, consists of motivational videos providing plenty of advice on how to improve your fluency and confidence via self-practice and implementation of various fluency management techniques. Basically EH System is the practical part whereas the FGC Program is the motivational part.

Q: Do I have to buy both products in order to achieve the best results in terms of my English fluency improvement?

A: English Harmony System de Luxe Edition is a complete product on its own and it also has motivational lessons in the Confidence Mentor Module which are going to deal with a lot of psychological issues a struggling foreign English speaker may have. If you do the speech exercising lessons accordingly to the study plan included in the EH System, you will see a significant improvement to your ability to produce fluent and automatic speech, there’s no doubt about that!
FGC Program takes the motivational factor one step further, and if you like watching my YouTube videos, you’ll definitely enjoy this product because I will teach you every known English fluency management technique you can apply on your daily English conversations. Both products, however, will beautifully work in conjunction! You can use the EH System and watch the FGC Program motivational lessons concurrently to get the best of both worlds, so to speak!